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It is no secret that the City takes aim at our health benefits every time we are in front of the Act 111 Panel for a new FOP contract. It is the City's burning desire to take money out of your pocket (Employee Contributions) to lower their costs.

In their presentation on July 24th 2017, the City stated "Current FOP wellness incentives fail to reach all plan participants". They also stated "City's proposal provides more universal approach...provides a mechanism for all members to share in financial incentives". What that means is that the City wants to take your "Employee Contribution" out of your pay every two weeks and if you AND your spouse get engaged in your own healthcare by completing several enumerated activities you can get SOME of your costs lowered.

It is our belief at LEHB that our members do not need the City's pick pocket encouragement to become engaged in their own healthcare. HOWEVER, our belief is not enough. We must have the statistics to prove it to the Neutral Arbitrator the next time the FOP and the City are at the Act 111 Hearings.



We highly recommend you do the following, every year:

  1. Have an annual physical with your Primary Care Physician (EVERYONE should have a PCP, if you don't have one, contact our Nurses Sylvia or Tracy. They will assist you in finding one.)
  2. Have an annual Vision Exam(Visual acuity is only 50% of a checkup, you can have perfect vision but have a serious medical problem in your eye that has not yet affected your vision)
  3. Have a Dental checkup every 6 months (Dental issues will not resolve themselves. They will only get worse)
  4. Based on your Gender, Age or Medical Condition - Get the recommended screenings

Past history can be an indicator of things to come. The last Firefighters Award contained a provision for "Mandatory Biennial Medical Exam". The following are excerpts from the award:.

A. Medical Exam

3. The purpose of the medical examination is to determine whether the employee is medically and physically able to safely perform the essential functions of his or her job.

B. Physicians Responsibility

3. If the physician finds that the employee is not able to safely perform all essential functions of their job duties, the physician shall detail any restrictions on the employees ability to perform his or her job functions and shall provide the medical documentation on which such a conclusion is based to the City's Medical Director or Fire Department Medical Officer, as directed, who shall make a final determination of fitness for duty.

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